What to pack for a long bus trip?
- pillow
- earplugs/headphones
- sleeping mask
- phone charger
- water bottle
- healthy snacks (apple, cereals bars...)
- something to cover yourself if it's cold (blanket, hoodie, scarf)
- book / notebook
- take something you never have the time to do (even administrative things): you will have the time! 😉

What to pack for a ski week-end?
- sun cream + hydration lip balm + hydration face/body/hand cream
- sunglasses + ski mask
- a swimsuit (there is often a sauna)
- WARM clothes (don't be afraid to take too much!) + neck warmer + warm thin gloves under the usual ski gloves
- helmet (or rent it, please)
- foam roll + muscle-release cream for after skiing recovering
- healthy snacks! Difficult to find healthy (and affordable!) food when skiing so bring your own: protein bars / fruits / nuts / dry fruits...
- "warm" case/layer for your phone so it does not die in 5min
- portable battery
- water flask
- small bag-pack to ski with

Nutrition during a ski trip:
- Capitalise on Breakfast: it's THE moment to store energy for the day.
- At breakfast make sandwiches for the lunch break.
- Always have (healthy) snacks with you if you need sugar on the slopes.
- Always have water with you.
- Eat carbs at night (but no fat).
- Yeah, "after ski parties" are part of the trip BUT: start right after skiing, be careful, drink water too and go early to bed to recover for the next day! 💪 (mummy MC, I know).


Dates: 23-03-18/25-03-18
Departure: Nuremberg, Germany
Arrival: Damüls, Austria
Itinerary: We went by bus. Leave at 5am on Friday, back at 10pm on Sunday.


DAY 1:


Wake-up at 03:35am, ouch 🙈

Yes, I tried to save 5min!

I drive to the adidas headquarters to meet with the Ski & Fun squad! 
Direction Damüls in Austria by bus. It's a 06h30 drive but I sleep all way long as usual! 
At last, here I am, renting my equipment and going up to the Uga-Alp where we will stay for the weekend. 
Second year I am joining this weekend trip and I really like this spot because we are right on the slopes and the view is amazing!

Directly after arriving we hit the slopes!
What a team we have and the weather is amazing. We are so lucky 🙏

Good news: i did not loose too much of my level since last year 💪
I really enjoy every slopes and each time I look up I am amazed by the nature surrounding us...
Look at this:

Then we go back to the Chalet for apres-ski and sunset. Perfect end ❤


Other good news: handstand pic  of the weekend captured ✅ 

I can leave in peace 😂

Early sleep to be ready for tomorrow!


DAY 2:

I wake up, I look at the window and here are the sun and the view! 💙

I do not loose my fitness routine even here and I start the day with my daily abs circuit and yoga flow.

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 12.22.24 AM.png


We have a veranda in the room!

Then, breakfast! I am starving (it’s the altitude or me?!). I also like skiing because I can eat a lot AND not feel guilty because I spend all day burning calories 😉. 
I also prepare sandwiches for lunch (see tips section!).

We then hit the slopes once again with the crew. The weather is PERFECT.
I can feel I am tanning so I looove it.

After 3h skiing we take a lunch break in a chalet. All the conditions are here for a nice break.


Sun, friends, music, sore legs and Almdudler... What else?

Life is hard.

We keep on skiing the rest of the afternoon and go back to the Uga to enjoy another amazing sunset.

Tonight we have a party! The theme is "Rubik's cube": you arrive at the party wearing all the colors of the cube on you and you leave the party with only one color... MC’s tip to avoid this? Go in BLACK! It’s THE element connecting all the colors in the cube and you don't have to swap any clothes 😆
Early sleep anyway, I want to ski tomorrow even if they announce -18 degrees...


DAY 3:

I cannot really see anything by the window when I wake up but I don’t care, we still want to go out and to ski. Indeed the conditions are not ideal ^^ I sometimes even feel dizzy because I cannot see the slope BUT it is still super nice to ski.


Last lunch break on the slopes.
I HAVE TO order a hot chocolate and Kaiserschmarrn!

So fat but so good.

We then have to ski down to give back the equipment, pick up our luggages and take the buses back to Germany. A LONG ride back is waiting for us because of the traffic but I don’t care, what a weekend we had 🙏

Once again the adidas Ski & Fun weekend kept its promises. We had an amazing time skiing and lots of fun 😉
I cannot wait to be back next year!

I will be back!

I will be back!