❤️ = don’t miss, REALLY
+++ = don’t miss
++: good/nice
+: ok
-: don’t go


·     Cab: ALWAYS put the meter. They are liars if they tell you it’s a fixed price.
Just say bye and take the next cab.

·     Check the time of sunset to make the most of the rooftops!

·     Be careful pick pockets. I never had an issue but be careful.

·     Eat as many pad thai, padang curry and mango stocky rice as possible <3

·     Withdraw at the Citi Bank at Asok near your hotel. It is one of the bank with the less fees.

·     When you go to a rooftop or a more fancy than the usual place: no flipflops and no shorts/Bermuda for guys

·     Be Careful, there are 2 airports in BKK



  • RetrOasis: great location, really clean, cute and refreshing pool

  • Radison blue: more expensive but insane pool on the roof

  • In general, so many cheap and nice hostels in BKK, trust the reviews!



·     ❤️

Sala Arun: amazing restaurant/view on the river and on Wat Pho

Sala rattanakosin: next to sala arun, great too

Det 5: it was my canteen in Bangkok because super close to my place, cheap and so good.

Stable lodge: my second canteen

Roast: go for brunch

·     +++

Cabbages and condoms: great place, for a good cause, fun decoration and super good food

Blue elephant: more expensive but delicious

Terminal 21: you will find everything for cheap at the food court

22 kitchen

Viva 8: chill and fun space at Chatuchak market


Ban Chang: delicious curries

Baiyoke Sky hotel: more expensive but insane view and huge buffet

·     ++

My darling: huge space near khaosan road, nice decoration

Radison Blue: go for the brunch

Suk 11

Maya: Indian restaurant with a nice view.



  • Maya: free flow of prosecco

  • W hotel: free flow of champagne

  • Coyote: Free flow of Margarita

  • Dusit Thani hotel

  • Cé la vie: free flow of "cider”, a bit too posh

  • 22 Kitchen & Bar: free sparkling wine and cocktails



·     ❤️

Octave bar: one of my favorite Rooftop

·     +++

Vertigo - Banyan tree: insane rooftop

·     ++

Above 11: a nice rooftop, super chill, not super high

Moon Bar: great rooftop but too posh for me

Sky Bar: beautiful view but too posh


·     +++

Café des stagiaires: feeling like in Europe 

Tuba bar: huge cocktails

Cocktail revolution

·     ++

Charlie's bar: cheap drinks in the party street. Lots of international students going there.

Hemingway: really nice space and with happy hours. But don’t go for the food

Betty Bar

Ocean lounge: cool to chill 

·     -




·     ❤️

Glow: only techno club

·     +++

Sofitel: Pool party during the day on Sundays
Mustache Bar: Nice line up from time to time

·     ++

Levels: really bad music but nice space and free entrance + free bottle of vodka for 5 people until 11pm 

Cé La Vi: Great view but commercial music

·     +

Sugar: really bad club but free with the levels’s stamp and in the same street

·      -

RCA live: horrible space with 16 years old student and horrible music



·     ❤️: Wat Arun massage school

·     +++: Urban retreat

·     ++: Almost any massage place in BKK is ok!



·     ❤️

  • Chatuchak market

  • MBK Mall: you will find EVERYTHING

  • The royal area:
    -  Wat Arun
    - Wat Pho
    - Royal Palace

·     +++

  • MOCA museum

  • China town:

  • Visit the Golden Buddhas temple

  • Visit Wat Trimitr

  • Walk on Yaowarat Roadand around to feel the atmosphere 

  • Wat saket

·     ++

  • Bang krachao: island to bike. You can go to a floating market and to the Bangkok tree house for a food/drink break 

  • Terminal 21 Mall: Have a walk in to see the floors, each one represent a different country.


  • Soy 11: the street with all the bars

  • Coyboy street: the road with all the stipclubs

  • Khaosan Road: the student/party road


TRIP – EXAMPLE: 4 days in Bangkok

 I would recommend to book an hotel around Asok (I recommend RetrOasis)

Day 1: Welcome to Bangkok, get the feeling of it and stay awake!

 Landing in the morning.

  • Check-in to hotel

  • Have a walk from your hotel to Terminal 21 Mall.
    Have a walk in to see the floors, each one represent a different country. 
    Have lunch at the food court on last floor.
    It is really local/cheap if you want and you can get the FAMOUS pad thai and mango sticky rice.

  • Take the MRT at Sukhumvit (close by the Mall) until Hua Lamphong and welcome to China town!
    Three main things to do here:

    • Visit the Golden Buddhas temple

    • Visit Wat Trimitr

    • Walk on Yaowarat Roadand around to feel the atmosphere 

  • Take the MRT back to Sukhumvit.

  • Then here 3 options according to how you feel:

    • Massage at Urban Retreat(SUPER nice place but not the cheapest) or a cheaper option around (at the entrance of Soy 8 you will find some)

    • Sunset drink at Octave bar

    • Go directly to diner

  • Diner at (3 options here, all in the area):

    • Det 5

    • Stable Lodbge

    • Cabbage and Condoms 

  • If after you still want a drink close by, Soy 11is THE streets for bars:

    • Above 11

    • Cheap Charlie’s

  • On the way back, pass by Coyboy Street… the prostitution street but still touristic so you should see it.


DAY 2: The historical and gorgeous Bangkok

  • For breakfast up to you but find something around Asok and fast/cheap.
    You could go to Terminal 21 again or Det5 or Stable Lodge.

  • Go to the boat pier at Saphan Taksinwith the BTW from Asok

  • Take the boatuntil Wat pho 

  • Visit Wat Pho

  • Take the boat to cross to Royal Palace

  • Visit the Royal Palace

  • Lunch at Sala Rattanakosin (if fully booked go next door to Sala Arun): 

  • Visit Wat Arun.
    Have a massage at the massage school in the temple area. As soon as you arrive go straight there to book a time slot and then visit until your time and after if you are not done.

  • If you want more:

    • Flower market close by, nice atmosphere and really almost in front ofr Wat Arun.

    • Wat saket: a temple with a nice view because on a small mountain

  • Go back to the hotel for shower and change.

  • Rooftop Drink at Octave Bar if not done the day before.

  • Diner at (see day before, depending on what you did the past day):

  • If after you still want a drink etc see day 1.


DAY 3: Chatuchak market and MBK: shopping time!

  • Have breakfast around the hotel.

  • Take the BTS from Asok to Mo Chit

  • Walk to Chatuchak market.
    Have cash and bags with you, it is shopping time!

  • Walk in Chatuchak, biggest market in Thailand
    Have lunch in the market at Viva 8

  • Take the BTS until National Stadium (welcome to my school! This is where my Uni was)

  • Go to the MBK center. It is the biggest mall and you will find EVERTYHING for your trips. Really everything.
    Last floor there is a cheap hairdresser so go if you fancy it.

  • Take a cab to Banyan tree for a Sunset drink

  • Take a cab or walk to Ban chiang, a really good restaurant.



·     Chill at the hotel

·     Brunch at ROAST(go by cab)

·     Head to the airport. 
Go by cab all the way or by cab to the closest MRT or BTW station for your airport.