• Advice:

- Book a shuttle online from the airport to your place of residence. Super easy and cheap.
- If you take your own wetsuit: the waters are actually cold!
- Save one day to go to Lobos Island. A nice escape and you can climb easily the volcano. I recommend Lobos Explorer.
- To rent a car is a great option to discover the island. Lots of spots all around the island.
- Buses are an easy and cheap option but not running really regularly.
- Go for a sunset at El Cotillo: gorgeous.
- Banana Bar is the "party place". The rooftop is actually nice.
- Cliché but: the sun is REALLY strong there (especially since it is so windy you don't feel it) so pack the sun creams!


  • Surf spots:

- Playa Blanca: beginner/intermedaite - reef break.
- La Oliva: beginner/intermediate - reef break
- El Cotillo: beginner - beach break
Punta Blanca: Intermediate - reef break


Dates: 07-04-17/14-04-17
Departure: Nuremberg.
Arrival: Fuerteventura (I found direct flights with Sun Express)

Duration: 7 days.

For this trip I partnered with Planet Surf Camp.


DAY 1:

Early flight (06:20am) so early wake up (04:20am): yes, that's also this traveling for cheap!
Once I arrive in Fuerteventura I have to take a shuttle/bus to Corralejo. I booked it online and the driver drops me directly where I stayed so really practical.

I arrive at Planet Surf Camp. As usual in a surf camp, great atmosphere and I already feel relaxed. The camp is in a typical house in a residential area. I am in a dorm with 3 other people. There is a nice outdoor space with a small pool plus a roof terrace (to tan and do yoga for sure!).

Planet Surf Camp.

Planet Surf Camp.

On the way to the camp I saw this gorgeous beach with white sand and I learn it is called "Las Dunas" so I decide to go running there... via the desert.. under a strong sun... on my first day (you will see where I want to arrive at).
In the desert I feel so happy/lucky, I decide to stop for some yoga, to feel the nature around me 🙏

Scorpio pose in the desert.

Scorpio pose in the desert.

I arrive at Las Dunas and indeed it is just gorgeous.

I have a break on the beach, "absorb" the sun and run back.

And here is the result of this run in the desert...😂

I arrive just on time at the camp for the yoga session on the terrace, perfect!

Then I go down to meet the other inhabitants and we all decide to go for tapas in the village.

Great moment with the crew in a local restaurant. Then we go for ice creams and I call it a night because I am just exhausted!


DAY 2:

Directly when waking up, I go for a 7km run along the coast. What a nice moment. I have the feeling I will do this path a lot!

Once back at the camp, workout and a yoga session on the terrace and I get ready for surfing!!! 🏄‍
One thing to know: most of the time because of wind and swell we only went surfing pretty late in the morning or even in the afternoon! I am usually more a fan of surfing twice a day, once early morning and once in the afternoon, but I cannot change Nature!

Direction Playa Blanca for my first surf session in Fuerteventura!
The waves are ok, I take some but it's always difficult on the first day! Still, so happy to be back on the board!


After surfing we stop at El Goloso in Lajares to have coffees and snacks.


It will become a tradition!

Spotted: there is a crossfire box in Lajares! Did not get the chance to go but I would have loved to.

Once back at the villa: yoga, chill, diner and early sleep (oh I love those early ones!)


DAY 3:

We decide to go on our own surfing because one friend rented a car. We load the boards and direction La Oliva near El Cotillo.

La Oliva.

La Oliva.

We just... don't find the waves. I mean, nice green waves. Nevertheless, we have a short surf session, chill on the beach and head back to the camp.
Once back we go to the beach bar to enjoy some music. I just tan, read and snooze: love that!

We then decide to go back to El Cotillo for a sunset surf session but once again, no waves. Still, we have a GORGEOUS sunset and take the opportunity to do a cool pic session 📸


DAY 4:

Wake up, 7km run, training session by the coast and run back.
Yoga on the terrace, breakfast and let's go surfing! 💪

Morning run.

Morning run.

Spot: Punta Blanca. 
And the waves are... amazing!
I even do my first turns! I was so excited (endorphins kick 🙌).

We head back to the camp for lunch and I will spend the afternoon chilling on the beach with the crew. 

Beautiful sunset from the rooftop to end the day.

Sunset from the rooftop.

Sunset from the rooftop.

DAY 5:

It's my birthdayyyyyy! I love to spend it in another country, especially a sunny one!
I HAVE TO start the day with running and yoga so I go for a 10k and practice sun salutations on the terrace.


I go down for breakfast with the team AND to receive all the birthday wishes 😉



They offer me the surf cap of the camp, I feel like a real surfer now!

We then all go surfing. What an amazing way to spend my birthday.

Surf spot.

Surf spot.


After lunch I go shopping into town,


stop by a cute coffee by the sea, have a cappuccino, write my travel book and call my family ❤

Then I join the group at the beach, we chill and go back to the camp.
There I take the decision to run my first marathon before I turn 26 (in the end I will run Berlin marathon only 5 months later 💪).

Next we start celebrating at the camp and go for diner at Sombrero. Really nice moment at the harbor. After that direction Banana Bar, "the place to be" (there's always one in surf cities 😉). The rooftop space is actually really nice and they even play techno/electro! I could not ask for more. The night lasts way too long for us to wake up the next day in a good shape but we have so much fun!


DAY 6:

Really difficult wake up 🙈
We go to Punta Blanca surfing but the waves lack power. We pass by El Goloso Corralejo on the way back and retire to the beach 😄

It's barbecue night on that day so we all eat together at the camp. Really convivial moment.


DAY 7:

Early wake-up and my friend joins me for a sunrise run. It was gorgeous.

Sunrise run.

Sunrise run.

Yoga on the terrace (yes, every day!) and I join a group of Spanish people (I could speak Spanish all day, was sooo cool) I met the day before to explore Lobos Island.

Those Spanish people <3

Those Spanish people <3

We go on a tour with Lobos Explorer, I highly recommend them. We go with a private boat to the island and do a tour of the island first. Beautiful.

We arrive at "El Puertito", an adorable harbor with a pontoon coming through the turquoise water. A real postal card.

We go for scuba diving and paddling. First time I try paddling so I HAVE TO try some yoga moves on the board 😉

Before lunch we decide to go to the top of the main volcano, Montaña La Caldera. Super nice walk in the desert nature, easy climb (127m) AND we tan all the way. The view from the top is amazing.

We go back to el Puertito and have a great lunch in one of the fisherman's house. Wine and fresh food, what else?

Typical lunch.

Typical lunch.

We then chill on the beach and go back to Fuerteventura.

Turquoise water.

Turquoise water.

Short yoga session at the camp and I go for paella and ice-creams (diet whoop whoop) with my besties from the camp at Antiguo Cafe del Puerto.

Love love love &lt;3

Love love love <3

Once back at the camp we improvize a salsa night with the Spanish crew. Super fun.


DAY 8:


Last wakeup at the camp 😭


I go for my last run along the coast and it is SO warm.



I carry on with a work out and yoga session on the terrace (sun salutations again and again 🙏)

We go to El Cotillo for my last surf session and the waves are not really there... I am frustrated and sad but I tell myself that it is another reason to organize another surf trip asap!

One last coffee break with the crew on the way back, one last break at the beach ("sangria please"!) and I have to go back to the camp to pack.

Last after surfing coffee break.

Last after surfing coffee break.

I arrive at the airport and take the time to finish my travel journal and to have a look back at the past week. What an amazing week...


Once again the people made my trip great.

The waves were not the best to be honest but the weather was amazing and I had so much fun.

Once again a great adventure. 



Bye Canary Islands, I will be back!