• Advice:

- Money exchange at the airport: wait to pass the customs to exchange! You have exchange desks with better rates just before exiting the airport.
- Bring (healthy) snacks to the camp because during the day no food (apart from oranges and bananas) so if you want to eat after surfing or training.
- Bring a tupperware at the camp: indeed everyday we were preparing our sandwiches for the day but I would rather have created salads with all the good vegetables they offered!
- Bring ear plugs at the camp: sound of the waves or if you are in a dorm, always a must-have!
- Warm clothes!: it is freezing before/after surfing and in the evening!
- A cap and a high index suncream are always needed when surfing.
- Yes, you have to bargain everything...


  • Surf spots:

- Hash point: just in front of Taghazout (nice terraces and restaurants) - intermediate - medium current - some rocks.
- Agadir beach: beginner / intermediate - rarely good waves, only when strong conditions - easy current.
- Camel beach: beginner/intermediate - really nice break for intermediate - strong current.
- Agrhoud: beginner/intermediate - really nice break for intermediate!
- Panorama beach: All levels - long green waves - medium current.


Dates: 06-01-18/13-01-18
Departure: Paris
Arrival: Agadir (You can find cheap flights via Transavia).
For this trip I partnered with Dfrost Surf & Yoga.


DAY 1:

So here we are: Morocco.
When I land it is raining, but "calm down MC: it's warm, you're in Morocco, on holidays and you will surf!".
The Dfrost Surf and Yoga team comes to pick me up at the airport. The surf camp is at a 40min-1h drive from the airport. I love to see the streets and atmosphere of the country I just arrived in so I enjoy the ride along the coast.
We arrive at the house that gives directly on the ocean, it's gorgeous and relaxing and what a view from my room!

Terrace of Dfrost Surf and Yoga.

Terrace of Dfrost Surf and Yoga.

The surf group already left for the day so I decide to rent a board and a wetsuit (yes the water is cold) and to go directly surfing just in front of the house.

For the all trip I will stay with a yellow (sun color for sure) 7.2 hard board, it was love at first sight.

Just in front of the village is the surf spot Hash Point.
Short session because the waves break really early so I do not catch a lot of them and I can see there are some rocks under so I prefer to play it cool. Nevertheless I took some waves and I am back on a board! 

Back at the camp I settle down and meet the rest of the crew.
I will only write it once here because it is not the subject of the article but: I had the chance to meet amazing people during my trip. It was really easy to get to know them thanks to the camp's atmosphere and we spent amazing moments together.

Everyday at 5pm we have yoga on the rooftop terrace for sunset! 🙏
I go earlier to practice on my own (yes, handstand session 😉) and then join the class. The session was easy and a bit inconsistent but it will do for the day.

Handstand session on the rooftop.

Handstand session on the rooftop.

Diner time and it's tajine! 

So good.


In general the diners will always be delicious at the house.

Chill with the team and I call it a day!


DAY 2:

My morning routine of the week: wake up at 7am, 1hour of core training and yoga, breakfast.

Yummy Yummy!



Breakfast time at the camp.

After breakfast we pack the wetsuits and boards in the van and let's go direction the surf spot of the day!

Today it is Agadir beach because the conditions around Taghazout are too strong for our level (no, I do not surf barrels 🙄. YET!). Nice session, the coaches are as usual helpful, fun and nice.

After the session traditional mint tea by the beach and under the sun.


I definitely feel the holidays' spirit!


DAY 3:

Today's surf spot is Camel beach. Nice beach but the waves are really strong, break on us and the current is really strong. I fell and I am taken in a magnificent washing mashing 😄. I even have to get out of the water because I feel dizzy after all the water I drunk. Ahhh, surf's perks.
I feel frustrated: I wanted to do more!

Happy to be back at it.

Happy to be back at it.

That's why, once back at the villa... I go for a 10km run along the coast!
What an idea 😅. It is really hilly and warm! Still, it is gorgeous and I feel great afterwards.

A yoga session is the perfect end to the day.

Scorpio pose.

Scorpio pose.


DAY 4:

Here it is, the famous "Taghazout illness". Everyone told me about it ("You will see, you will get really sick but only for 12/24hours") and indeed I am sick today.
I still try to go surfing but I have to stay lying on the beach 😕. I relativize and take the time to rest, tan and read my book ("The buddhism for beginners").

Back at the house for a hot tub session with the crew, what a nice moment.

Then I go for a walk in Taghazout (even sick I still need to move!). It's adorable. I love the surf village's vibes.

I come back to the house just in time for sunset.

Sunset from the camp's terrace.

Sunset from the camp's terrace.

I think I made the most of my sick day! 💪


DAY 5:

Today is excursion day! Direction Paradise Valley. It starts with a one hour beautiful drive in the mountains to arrive at the protected area. 

Drive to Paradise Valley.

Drive to Paradise Valley.

Then a 20-30min walk to arrive to the valley and the "pools".
We can do cliff diving but no way I go into the freezing water! We all choose the sunbathing option by the water 😎

On the way back (yeah I never have enough 🙈) I ask the driver to drop me at the skate park overlooking Taghazout. It was built by the locals and the vibe here is just perfect to end the day.

Taghazout skatepark.

Taghazout skatepark.


DAY 6:

I feel so much better today! I cannot wait to surf! We go to Arhoud. I catch perfect 1.5/2m green waves, great surf session!

Arhoud spot.

Arhoud spot.

Tonight is hammam night! 1h30 of steam room, body care and massages. I feel so relax after this! I wish I could have this once a week in Germany! 


DAY 7:

The weather is... grey and cold.
Nevertheless direction Camel beach once again and direction the cold water!

Solidarity in adversity ^^

Solidarity in adversity ^^

The sun will pop up around midday and I have a good surf session.

The beach is only 5km from the house so I go back running (what? 😉).

Tonight is night out and we go to have diner at The Spot. They do all king of food and they can accommodate large groups. 



DAY 8:

My last day... 

Let's make the most of it, starting with a sunrise yoga session on the rooftop!

I then pack my things and direction Panorama beach.
The waves are just perfect... I can apply all the techniques I learned and I catch long and fast green waves, SO good.


Last pics session with the crew, last mint tea on the beach and direction the airport (I actually loved the idea to still have sand on me to take the plane 😉).


Here I am, the end of the trip and the way back to Paris and then Nuremberg.

The world that would resume the best my trip is "relaxing". I feel simply great after this week: I was in Morocco, I met amazing people, I surfed, I tanned, I faced another culture.

I will be back I have no doubt and I highly recommend you to go there!

Typical day:

- 7-8am: Core + yoga
- 8-9am: Breakfast + get ready
- 9am-3/4pm: surf trip
- 5-6pm: sunset yoga
- 7-8pm: diner