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Hi there!


MC = Marie-Céline.

No, not Master of Ceremony, sorry if you are disappointed 😉

I am French, 25 years old, I live in Germany and I work for adidas (as Community Manager of adidas women, have a look!).

I have 2 addictions in life: sports and travels
I constantly have the need to challenge myself through sports and to discover new places.

Regarding sports I was raised by a crazy marathon/iron-man dad so running is one of my top activity. 
I was part of adidas Runners in Paris and when I arrived in Germany I created Nuremberg Runners.
As you will see in my pictures, I also love yoga. Yoga helps me to calm down and focus on what's really important in life. One of my short-term plan is to go to India to become a yoga teacher.
Furthermore, I discovered surfing 2 years ago and it was "love at the first wave". It now drives most of my trips.
I also practice Crossfit, bouldering, spinning, boxing and all kinds of fitness classes.
I am in for any new activity I have to say!

Regarding traveling it is maybe "a constant need of evasion" but I don't care, I need it. I need to move, to see the world, to meet new people, to break my routine and to see outside of my comfort zone. 

I know there are MANY blogs about those topics but as I always advice my friends/followers about travels and workouts I told myself I could gather everything in a blog and help as many people as possible!

I hope you will enjoy this blog and please drop me a line if any question!